Training to evolve. Evolve to survive.

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, although not unanimously accepted, suggests that all living species are in perpetual transformation and undergo, over time and generations, changes that allow them to adapt to their environment and survive.

If we apply this theory to the labour market, it seems obvious to us that to survive as an entrepreneur, employer or worker, it is necessary to constantly evolve, in keeping with the changes in our professional environment.

The last few decades have seen many changes, some of them major ones, and above all, the pace of these changes has continued to accelerate. Whether at the technological, commercial or human level, all sectors of activity are undergoing continuous transformations that bring their share of challenges.

In order to succeed and survive in this ever-changing world, companies and their employees must necessarily evolve and ideally, at the same speed as their environment. Is that even possible? The question is worth asking.

What we can suppose, however, is that it would certainly be illusory to claim to be able to adapt as extensively and as quickly if our knowledge remains the same as that of 10, 20 or 30 years ago, when we did the studies leading us to our profession or when we earned our first experiences in our field. On the other hand, if we maintain the same behaviour as in the past while seeking different outcomes that are more appropriate to today’s reality, it is highly likely that we are setting ourselves up for a major setback or that we will not go as far as we could.

That is why, at Qualificaction, we assist our clients in continually developing their skills in order to better cope with changes that affect them so they can successfully pursue their professional activities. When you learn to surf, the waves become a source of pleasure rather than discomfort and threat.

Avoid extinction and TransForm yourselves through our training and coaching services.

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