Francization in the workplace: a high-performance training program!

Learning and mastering the French language is, without a doubt, a tremendous asset for any employee working in a Québec-based company. For several years now, we have been seeing a clearly prevailing trend in the labour market: not only is quality talent increasingly difficult to recruit, but the reliance on immigration to fill labour needs continues to grow. To preserve the important place of French in Québec’s business sector, it is essential for newcomers to receive the tools that will help them to adopt the language and culture of the Belle Province.

The positive impacts of Francization programs on employees are numerous and far-reaching. By learning French, workers not only have a better chance of successfully integrating themselves in their new environment, they also play a role in their continuing employment and develop a sense of belonging to their new home. Being able to communicate well in French increases their skills for developing relationships and building social and professional networks. They are better able to thrive at work, increase their efficiency and further their career. Companies that offer this type of training program in the workplace enhance their image, increase the productivity of these new employees and reinforce employee retention.

QUALIFICACTION has been helping workers and immigrants learn French since 2015. Close to 600 employees from 125 companies in Laval and the Laurentians have taken advantage of our Francization courses so far. Thanks to its extensive expertise in teaching French, QUALIFICACTION has developed a high-quality program that continues to produce strong and long-lasting results year after year.

With our Francization program, your company will benefit from:

  • a team of approximately 20 teachers with experience teaching adults in the workplace;
  • flexible periods adapted to your work schedules: days, evenings and weekends;
  • one-on-one and group classes;
  • a choice of learning methods: in person and at a distance;
  • seven levels to meet the different needs of learners;
  • an efficient methodology: placement tests, course calendars adopted to the reality of your business, training plans, progress evaluations and attestations;
  • a communication-based approach whereby your employees learn French in day-to-day situations;
  • our assistance to manage all steps of your file and grant application. Grants normally cover 100%* of training fees and the hourly wage of participants (up to $25 an hour).

* Certain conditions apply.

We will be happy to assist you through the registration procedure. Contact us today and see for yourself how our Francization program can quickly become a profitable investment!

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